I am an affiliate member of the Ann Arbor Area Board Of Realtors providing real estate listing photographic services to many area agents at an affordable price point and extremely rapid turnaround times.


Residential/Commercial listings, large or small. Exterior, interior photos to include exposure adjustments, correct vertical distortion, retouching and low resolution (for on-line listings) JPEG files. Multiple shots of each room from different angles using professional wide angle lenses to maximize coverage and highlight room sizes. Images are usually e-mailed the same day of the shoot to the listing agent.


$125 inclusive of all services (fifty cents per mile over 40 miles round trip). There may be a minor up-charge for larger properties in the 4,800 square foot range and up but always negotiated up front.

I can be contacted at (734) 368-7711 and silverbergphoto@gmail.com or by sending a message from the Contact section of this website

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